The curriculum for Arrow is designed around four modules, delivered over a 2-year period, utilising four main vehicles: residential retreats (live-in, Monday to Friday), reading programme, community and coaching.

Each residential retreat includes:

Reading & Learning Programme:

As part of deepening and embedding the learning we are doing in each module we assign readings which support the topics taught. In between residentials, we have a personal journal  to record your learnings and discussion groups to help us hear each other's perspectives and to ensure we are engaging fully. We seek to include texts that are both classics and ones you might not have personally chosen - this helps us stretch our perspective and develop a practice that will stand us in good stead for our leadership in the long term. We are also in the process of developing an app that will help us connect with podcasts, blogs, and share resources together.


Each Arrow participant is provided with a professional coach for the duration of their two-year journey. This coach will help you set your goals and provide accountability and support to achieve them. This personalises the learning and input gained in each module, as well as being able to respond to events that occur in your own unique context.


Arrow is far more than a 2-year journey, we believe that the way we will see leaders flourish and achieve what God has for each of us is in community. As you complete your residential programme, you become part of the Arrow alumni - both nationally and globally. We are building this to be a connected community of leaders who continue to resource one another across the country through both planned events and organic connection.


Arrow Leadership NZ has partnered with both Carey Baptist College and Laidlaw College to have the programme be accounted as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).