Our Vision & Mission

Gospel-shaped Leaders

We aim to develop a community of lifelong, kingdom-minded leaders who will be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus.


Courage: to respond to the call of Jesus and foster a lifestyle of continual obedience.
Community: to embody the conviction of covenant relationships - with God, ourselves, others and our whenua.
Compassion: through a biblical lens, creating environments that foster the flourishing of all people and places.
Curiosity: discerning the Holy Spirit's prompting to explore new insights  and perspectives.


Arrow Leadership was founded in North America in 1991 on the belief that there are emerging Christian leaders with the vision and strength to step up in leadership. After 31 years in ministry, a personal tragedy helped give evangelist Leighton Ford new direction: his son Sandy, a strong emerging Christian leader, died suddenly at the age of 21. Out of this loss Leighton Ford gained a deep desire to help those emerging as new communicators of the gospel.

Arrow previously operated for some years in New Zealand, and after several years of absence, it was relaunched in 2012.

Statement of Faith

Arrow Leadership NZ adheres to the Lausanne Covenant